Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Creation of God II

A while ago, I began talking about whether god was created by man not as a mere concept as some thought but rather whether god has physical manifestation out of our need to exist.

What pushed me to this pondering was initially the Berserk chapter I talked about. But then I started thinking...

There was an episode in a TV-Series called 'Supernatural' called 'Hell House'. I know, I know my sources are not so credible, be it manga or TV but they only nudge towards a direction of pondering. In any case I never said I was a bloody philosopher...

What happened in that episode is that (among other irrelevant things) the notion of the thought-form was introduced. The story is about a allegedly haunted house which actually became haunted because a lot of people believed in it.

So what is a though-form? A thought-form in the manifestation of mental energy. The idea is that when focusing your thoughts on an idea this idea may actually materialize.

This idea is not totally absurd but actually has a form in most major religions:
  • Tibetan monks call this manifestations by the name of 'Tulpa', a being or object created through visualization and focus, that do the bidding of their creator.
  • The Jewish tradition speaks of 'Golems', creatures sculpted by mud and given life by 'spiritual' individuals to carry out important tasks (usually to protect or avenge Jewish people)
  • ...and of course do not let us forget my all time favorite, Angels. Winged, sexless beings that protect and guard from the world's evil.
So the above would explain if all these 'creatures' if I may call the so actually exist because we 'forced' them to materialize. That would definitely explain the various sightings of such phenomena while proving that there is always an explanation even if it does reach into uncharted territories of the human mind

Any thoughts?

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Creation of God I

Pondering once again...

A couple months ago I was re-reading a manga series I once read, called 'Berserk'.

Its a quite violent, gory and dark manga about Guts (I know, stupid name, these Japanese just have no imagination when it comes to names), a swordsman who is haunted by demonic and undead forces while trying to get his revenge from the man who branded him as an unholy sacrifice.

In what is now called the 'lost chapter' of Berserk, a chapter that was not published by the mangaka because it was considered too revealing (it can be found here in case someone wants to read it for himself), a very interesting (in my opinion) view on the existence of god and the nature of evil is presented.

According to that chapter the idea of evil, the desired god was created by the collective consciousness of all the humans, as the ego of this world.

This entity portrayed in the chapter as a heart-like lump of flesh, that feeds on the emotions of humans, was created due to the innate need humans have for reasons, reasons for their pain & suffering, their search for the meaning of life & death. Their need for answers.

Thus, this creature humans created weaves their lives and destinies, controls the world it embodies.

Here are two images of how 'God' is portrayed in the chapter

Well this thing got me thinking quite a bit... What if we humans actually created this omnipotent, ever-present and arbitrary god that the faithful claim it 'just exists'?

Ever since the beginning, us humans struggled to understand what happened around us, and when we could not, either because we were not developed enough or because it was too overwhelming for us, we attributed it to 'God'.

So, what if this being just come to life because of our collective need for something to watch over us, someone to turn too in our hour need and someone to curse and blame when life turns bad?

To clarify, I am not doubting the existence of god (which is a completely different story) but I merely ask what if god exists just because we created him/her/it?

Note: I would like to clarify that what I am pondering here is not whether 'God' was created by man merely as an idea, but whether god has a physical form, whether he actually exists, with a corporeal form just because humans have willed him to existence.... More on that to follow

References (download, read and learn about Berserk):

Chaos & Order I

I recently re-read a book I first read about a decade ago called 'The Agent of Chaos' by Norman Spinrad.

I had to actually make a print-on-demand order of the book from the publisher as I couldn't find it anywhere.

Here is a link and the cover

I am not going to give a review of the book here as this is not my purpose, although I must say I consider it a phenomenal piece of literature which offers brilliant insight in the true nature of anarchy and chaos, all through a beautiful science fiction story.

I will however go into the trouble of quoting a part from the book that explains why our definition of 'Order' is 'unnatural':

The natural tendency in the physical realm is towards ever-increasing randomness or disorder, what we call Chaos or entropy. So too, in the realm of human culture. To locally and temporarily reverse the trend towards entropy in the physical realm requires energy. And so too in human societies - Social Energy. The more Ordered, thus unnatural, anti-entropic, a society, the more Social Entropy is required to maintain the unnatural condition. And how is this Social Energy to be obtained? Why, by so ordering the society as to produce it! Which as you can see, requires more Order in return. Which creates a demand for more Social Energy and so forth, in a geometric progression that spirals as long as the society struggles to achieve Order. You see the paradox do you not? The more Ordered a society becomes, the more Ordered it must become to maintain its original order, requiring still more Social Energy and never really catching up.

What this book made me reconsider is the very definition of 'chaos'. Ever since we are born we are gradually trained to view any form of anarchy or chaos as a definite negative, an evil that must be uprooted by any means necessary.

We view chaos and anarchy as some plague that will engulf all unless stopped. Society pushes us to conform and become part of the general public which tries to follow the path to happiness. Any individual that diverges from this path either on his own accord or because the circumstances forced him to do so is viewed as a radical, a rebel, a savage. People it is just ridiculous!!!

I haven't settled it all in my mind yet, however I am close to changing my interpretation of chaos. The natural state is a state of pure chaos which we are battling, not to understand but rather to limit since it is beyond our feeble comprehensive capabilities....It just cracks me up!!!

Before I close, I would like to mention an idea present in this book which was not extensively explained or developed. What the author did in this book among others, is to express life as a temporary reversal of the natural chaotic state. He says that life is merely an incomprehensible (to us or at least to me) set of coincidences where a part of this chaos, myriads of atoms and particles came together to form life. In this context, everything originated from chaos and to chaos it must return once life, this dream that we must all wake up from, ends.

In a sense Chaos is God!!! So beautiful, words do not do it justice

Stupidity II

But what happens when a 'brilliant' individuals arises from the herd?

Then the spiders lurking in the shadows will be confronted with two choices:

  • Corrupt the individual and force him/her to assimilate to their cohort, strengthening their feeble control which within their sheer, mind-numbing idiocy seems as controlling the world.
  • Destroy the individual so as it won't pose a threat to their little house of cards they are so proud of. And how do you destroy such an individual? Well in this era of 'civilization' you don't just kill or maim. You use the media to ridicule that person till all the cattle think him a madman et voila! He no longer poses a credible threat... Just beautiful

Stupidity I

And I am pondering, I am:

In the realm of man there is no such thing as brilliance but rather varying levels of stupidity.

The least stupid individuals brand themselves as brilliant simply because there are no superior members to oppose them.

The aforementioned individuals herd their lesser minded brethren like cattle through the tactful manipulation of equally moronic individuals (e.g politicians), who are too stupid to understand they are being manipulated into submission. The best thing is that these carefully handled cattle drivers view themselves as above the average when they are usually stupider than the average person.

This way we are baaing our way through life in this bubbling cauldron of sheering idiocy, cosied by the blissful ignorance we are drowning into, all the while dancing to the strings of puppeteers a little less stupid than we are.

Isn't it just hilarious in an awfully sad way? I couldn't help laughing like a bloody madman while thinking of this...

I could go on for awhile but I risk people stoning me. Also, in my defense I thought of all this while on the toilet hence 'philosophical crap' seems a very fitting title indeed!!!